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Measurement Instructions for Tailor Made Dresses


1.Please wear close fitted underwear for the measurement.
2.Please stand up straight with two arms drooping naturally.
3.Make sure the measuring tape is held flat against the body. It should be horizontal when measure around the body, and vertical when measure the length. Don't add extra room to the measurements. Our tailor will take care of the fitting.

1. The length of the gown (From the front, the distance from the shoulder across the breast point to the end of the gown. It should be vertical down.)

2. Shoulder width (The distance between two shoulder joints with arms drooping naturally. It should be taken at the back. The tape should follow the natural curve of the shoulder.)  

 3. Around Bust (Please breathe naturally. Measure the girth around the fullest part of the bust.)

the bust measurement

4. Waist (In standing position, measure the girth around the narrowest part of the waist. It is normally slightly above the belly button. But if you want a pair of trousers made, please measure around where you want the waistband sits. Don't forget get to let us know where you measured.)

waist measurement

5. Hip girth (In standing position, measure the girth round the largest part of the bottom. Please note it is not around the hipbone.)  

hip girth measurement

6. Neck Circumference (Around the bottom of the neck)  

the neck around measurement

7. Front waist length (In standing position, the distance from neck point, where neck & shoulder joints, across the breast point to the waistline)  

front waist length

8. Back waist length (In standing position, the distance from neck point across the shoulder blade to the waistline)  

back waist length

9. Front width (the distance between two front armpits)

front width

10. Back width (the distance between two back armpits)  

chinese dresses

11. Breast height (In standing position, the distance from the neck point to nipple)

brest height

12. Hip Height (Measure from the side of the body, the distance from the narrowest point of the waist to the fullest part of the bottom.)

13. Arm Hole girth (see picture)

cuff girth

14. Arm circumference (for short & long sleeves style, measure the fullest part around your upper arm.)

15. Sleeve length (From shoulder seam to the length desired)

 arm length

16. Wrist circumference (for long sleeve style, measure about your wrist.)

17. Around Thigh (In standing position, put two leg together and measure around the fullest part around the thigh.)

18. Height

19. Weight

20. Usual dress size and brand

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